Physician CME Requirements
Alabama 2 years 24 Category 1 credits.
Alaska 2 years 34 Category 1 AMA credits.
Arizona 2 years 40 Credits are for the 2 year period prior to the renewal year.
Arkansas Every year 20 Category 1 credits.
California Every year 25 Average of 25 Category 1 credits/year, with 100 hours. every 4 years.

12 hours (one time) of CME must be completed by December 31, 2006 in the subjects of pain management and the treatment of terminally ill and dying patients.

All general internists and family physicians who have a patient population of which over 25% are 65 years of age or older shall complete at least 20% of all mandatory continuing education hours in a course in the field of geriatric medicine or the care of older patients. 
Colorado N/A N/A N/A
Connecticut N/A N/A N/A
Delaware 2 years 40 Category 1 (AMA/AOA) credits.
District of Columbia N/A N/A N/A
Florida 2 years 40 Category 1 AMA credits.
1 hour must be in the subject of HIV/AIDS and must include Florida law and infections of Tuberculosis.
1 hour in Domestic Violence.
36 hours of general CME.
2 hours in Medical Errors
End of Life or Palliative Care can be substituted for HIV/AIDS, providing that the required HIV/AIDS course is completed in the preceding 2-year licensure term.
As of 6/15/00, a 1 hour course in End of Life or Palliative Care can be substituted for Domestic Violence, provided that the Domestic Violence course is completed immediately preceding the 2 year licensure term.
Effective 10/1/2000, 2 hours in Medical Errors are requried for biennial renewal. 
Georgia 2 years 40 Category 1 (AMA/AOA) credits.
Hawaii 2 years 40 Category 1 credits.
Idaho  N/A N/A N/A
Illinois 3 years 150 50 hours/year.
Minimum of 60 hours must be in Category 1 and maximum of 90 hours of the required CME can be informal CME. 
Indiana N/A N/A N/A
Iowa 2 years 40 2 hours every 5 years of child and/or dependent adult abuse identification and reporting-may be completed through separate courses or in one combined 2 hour course. Domestic Violence courses usually do not meet this requirement. 
Kansas 3 years 150 50 hours per year required.
Kentucky  3 years 60 30 hours must be Category 1 credits.
2 hours must be HIV/AIDS approved by the KY Cabinet of Health Services.
Physicians who were granted licensure after 7/1/96, must complete an approved 3-hour course on domestic violence from an approved physician and are required to successfully complete the course within 3 years of the date of initial licensure. The 3-hour domestic violence requirement may be applied toward the the 60 hour CME requirement. 
Louisiana  Every year 20 Category 1 AMA credits.
Maine 2 years 100 40 must be Category 1A, AOA or AMA credits (for specialists). 
Maryland 2 years 50 Category 1 credits.
Massachusetts 2 years 100 At least 40 hours of Category 1 credits.
10 hours risk management.
2 hours board regulations.
Michigan 3 years 150  
Minnesota 3 years 75 Category 1 AMA credits.
Mississippi 2 years 40  
Missouri 2 years 50 Category 1 AMA credits or Category 2 AMA credits in the immediately preceding reporting period.
Maximum of 20 hours of Category 2 AMA must be documented in the 24-month period.
Beginning Jan. 1 of each even numbered year and ending Dec. 31 of each odd-numbered year, a licensee shall be deemed to have complied with section 1 of this rule if the licensee completes 40 hours of AMA approved CME and each course, seminar or activity includes a post-test of the material covered in the 40 CME hours. 
Montana N/A N/A N/A
Nebraska N/A N/A N/A
Nevada 2 years 40 Category 1 credits.
20 hours in physician's specialty.
2 hours in Medical Ethics.
New Hampshire 3 years 150  
New Jersey N/A N/A N/A
New Mexico 3 years 75 Category 1 credits.
New York N/A N/A N/A
North Carolina 3 years 150 At least 60 hours shall be in the educational provider-initiated category as defined in Rule .0102.
The remaining hours, if any, shall be in the physician-initiated category as defined in Rule .0102 of this Subchapter. 
North Dakota 3 years 60 Category 1 credits.
Ohio 2 years 100 At least 40 must be Category 1 credits.
60 hours can be in Category 2 credits. 
Oklahoma  3 years 150 In preceding 3 years.
60 must be Category 1 credits.
Oregon N/A N/A N/A
Pennsylvania 2 years 100 Regulations being developed, 1st effective renewal date is 12/31/04.
Rhode Island 3 years 60 Category 1 AMA credits, 2 hours of which must be in Universal Precautions.
South Carolina 2 years 40 Category 1 credits, 30 of the 40 hours must be directly related to the type of patient care the licensee renders. 
South Dakota N/A N/A N/A
Tennessee N/A N/A N/A
Texas Every year 24 At least 12 hours must be Formal Category 1 hours.
At least 1 of the Formal Hours must involve the study of medical ethics and/or professional responsibility.
The remainder of the 24 hours can be informal hours. 
Utah 2 years 40 Category 1 credits.
Vermont N/A N/A N/A
Virginia 2 years 60 30 of the 60 hours must be Type 1 (sponsored by organization recognized by profession).
At least 15 of Type 1 must be interactive face to face activities with colleagues on other interactive courses.
The other 30 may be Type 2 (any other learning activities). 
Washington 4 years 200  
West Virginia 2 years 50 Category 1 credits.
Included in the 50 hours is a requirement of 2 hours of end of life care with pain management.
Wisconsin 2 years 30 Category 1 credits.
Wyoming  3 years 60 Regulations start as of January 1, 2007.
Credits must be received prior to renewal date.
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